£60 per person

Kayak, Relax & Snack

Welcome to a kayaking experience – with a difference!  

We start with some basics – for example getting safely into your kayak, how to use your paddle, different paddle strokes, etc. - all designed to make your experience not only safe, but a lot of fun!


Now, let’s get on with our journey on the beautiful River Roe.  We’ll follow the channel around each bend, getting the feel of the kayak and savouring the beauty of the natural environment.   We’ll stop at a suitable inlet where you’ll get some more instruction to improve your skills and challenge yourself in your kayak.  How’s your stability and balance?  If they’re not good, don’t worry. It’s all part of the experience and you’ll be perfectly safe – though maybe a bit wet!!


You deserve to relax after pushing and challenging yourself and that’s just what we’ll do next.  Allow yourself to fully relax into your kayak, getting into a comfortable position. Concentrate on your breathing at first to allow your body to fully relax. Our instructor will take you through some relaxation technics.


Now we’ll gently come back to reality and we’ll launch our kayaks onto the nearby bay. Time for your body to fully experience the waters of the Roe.  


Back to our starting point again and we have a special snack box all ready to tempt those taste buds. We have meats from Corndale Farm, an award-winning Northern Ireland charcuterie based a stones-throw from the river. 


We’ve paired the meats with a selection of rich, creamy, mouth-watering cheeses from another local award-winning farm – Dart Mountain farm.  They also make the delicious chutney provided in your snack box.  And while you savour all these wonderful tastes, we’ll provide you with more information on their origins. 


Kayak, Relax & Snack